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GelGems Frosty Penguins Small Bag Gel Clings

Item #: 68135

BRRR it's cold out there. These penguins are all bundled up for snowy winter weather.

Window gel cling set contains: 4 purple circles with printed snowflakes and printed penguins wearing weather winter attire.

Size: Pieces are sandwiched between two plastic sheets measuring approximately 7.5in x 7.5in.

Use care when removing gel clings from their packaging and liner sheets; sometimes they can be sticky and need to be removed slowly from the sheets to prevent tearing. Place on any clean, dry, smooth, flat, temperate and non-tinted glass surfaces. Use only on glass surfaces - windows (not on cars though), mirrors, glass doors, etc. Window gel clings are reusable; simply wash in warm, soapy water if the pieces get dirty. Not for children under 4, not for exposure over 120°F (they'll start to melt), and not for drywall or any other porous surfaces as they may leave oily residue. Non-toxic; but please do not eat. To reuse gel clings with printing on them, please do NOT put printed side directly in contact with any surface; instead put on the reverse side so the printing is not touching the glass, windows, etc. Photo credited to Design Ideas.

Only $5.99 / EA

Brand: GelGems

Manufactured By: Design Ideas

Manufacturer's Model #: 2503048

Usually ships within 24 hours.